What is Good for Gardiner?

We Saved the Ridge...NOW we need to save the rest

We moved here to enjoy the rural character of Gardiner
It benefits only the developers to cut it up
And raises our taxes
We deserve to enjoy the peace and quiet of country life

Vote in the JUNE 27th 

Democratic Primary
You can vote for Tim Hunter 

AND for Gardiner!

 Published Statements



HV1 5/10/23 

Hello Gardiner,

Many of you may already know me, but I would like to say HELLO to those of you who do not yet. My name it Tim Hunter, and I am running to be your next town supervisor.

I moved here two decades ago when my wife and I realized Gardiner was the perfect place to raise our family — natural beauty, proximity to culture and amazing people.

We traveled to Guatemala, then Rwanda, to complete our adoptive family of four kids. Along the way, I ran for County Legislature, served on the Gardiner Open Space Commission and have been a regular on the Gardiner Democratic Committee. Also, I’ve captained a few choice projects: Save Minnewaska, Stop the Tea Party Takeover of Gardiner and worked enthusiastically for Jen Metzger and Juan Figueroa. Also, it was a joy running the Gardiner Community Concerts, inspired by former stagemate Pete Seeger. I hope to re-start them soon. Please contact me for more information. Space limits, but Google Tim Hunter + Gardiner.

But WHY do I want to be the Supervisor of Gardiner?

I want to Keep Gardiner Gardiner.

I see what has been happening with over-development, Yogi Bear, Awosting glamping, Steves Lane and the cell tower marring the pristine view of the Ridge. If we are to retain what’s left of the unique rural nature of Gardiner, we must act now before it is too late! Losing my wife to cancer in 2016, and being a single dad of four amazing kids since, has had a galvanizing effect on me. Next year, all four will be in high school and I will have all of my time for the betterment of Gardiner.

I have seen the way town government and citizens interact, and speaking to hundreds of neighbors, my feelings are confirmed that there is a level of disconnect between the two. In my advocacy group, there was a real feeling of disenfranchisement in speaking to town boards. We felt unheard and unseen. My volunteer and business experience makes me comfortable that I am fully ready to step up and work with you to make things better and more interactive. We have unique challenges, but I feel confident that if we work together things will improve.

Town government IS us. It is made up of neighbors. We should make every effort to listen. The boards reflect us. They should empathize and validate as we offer our opinions. NOT make citizens shy to speak. And you know what? Town oversight will be better. One of us is not as smart as all of us. I am firmly convinced that we will be stronger with the added benefit of people engaged, involved and valued.

June 27 is the Democratic Primary.                                            It’s time for a change.                                                                        I would appreciate your vote.

Go to Tim4Gardiner.com for more information, or to contact me with questions, comments and suggestions.

Your voice matters.

Tim Hunter
Candidate for Gardiner Supervisor





HV1  5/24/23
Hello Gardiner,

I am writing to you as a candidate for Gardiner town supervisor. So much of politics today is just too adversarial, by nature. I guess it is understandable in a way, as it is “vote for them or you”, but …

It offends my higher sensibilities, so instead tearing down my opponent, I would like to state what I stand FOR.

1. Save the Ridge — Stop illegal developments.

2. Stop the cell tower — move off the Ridge and away from neighborhoods and the highway department.

3. Consider a moratorium on new developments. 

I have a vision of a Gardiner where the town government is:

• Open, accessible, transparent, responsive and collaborative.

• Where public comment and ideas are actively welcomed at town meetings.

• Always looking out for your interests and our environment instead of corporate interests.

• A volunteer corps where we all pitch in together to help those who could use a hand.

• Where public comment is an integral and valued part of meetings, rather than  relegated to the end in a “privilege of the floor.” I would place it at the beginning of meetings, as other municipalities do. I mean really, “the floor” belongs to the people, and speech is a right not a privilege, right?

• I would organize a Good for Gardiner Committee that would recognize and acknowledge the heroes who give so much back to Gardiner. My first suggested recipient would be Michelle Mosher for a Lifetime of Service Award.

• For too long, there has been a divide between the public and those elected to represent them. I intend to try to bridge that chasm, and reflect the sacred words of Abraham Lincoln: A Town Government “Of the People, By the People, For the People.”

Thanks for reading! Check out Tim4Gardiner.com for updates and if you would like to be a part of positive change in Gardiner.

Early Voting is June 18-25 with polling places in New Paltz and Shawangunk, and at the Firehouse and Town Hall June 27th.